The Story Behind Our Product

150 years ago, houses were built with materials and craftsmanship that are unrivaled in today’s mass production era.  Many of these houses and tenement buildings have outlived their usefulness, but contain materials within that are beyond anything accessible in the lumber industry today.  The 150 year old virgin timber that went into the construction of these buildings is now a beautifully nuanced material, unique in it’s look and feel.  This is what each and every Row & Belt piece is born from. 

We work with local salvaging efforts that employ a fair trade policy, and create fashion accessories that give new life to even the smallest pieces of wood.  It's important to us that our product is top quality, has a sustainable footprint, and gives back to the community.

Row & Belt accessories can be worn proudly for their beauty alone, but the story behind them makes it honorable as well- you are helping to reuse beautiful materials while supporting domestic job creation, and saving room in our landfills! 

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